How To Improve the Quality of Google Sponsored Links?


Google Sponsored Links helps bringing more traffic to your website. You can improve the quality of your sponsored links in many ways to increase ROI and decrease the cost of your advertisement with AdWords.


What is Google Sponsored Links?

In general words, a sponsored link is a paid link. Let’s read it in details here: suppose you a website owner selling shoes online. You pay Google to display your ads, being a company or individual, on your search result page. Every time a visitor clicks on the sponsored link, you have to pay to Google for this. It is also referred to as Paid Google Advertisement. If you are working with Google AdWords or pay per click, all your ads that are created to sell your products or services are called sponsored links. These usually appear on the right side of a Google SERPs and also above natural result listing also.

What is the Difference between Sponsored and Organic Links?

Clicking on organic links does not cost any money to the website owner. But each click on sponsored link costs money to the website owner or advertiser. Sponsored links highlight your advertisement and offer fast as well as huge traffic to your website as compared to organic links.

The most common concern of advertiser is how to improve the quality of Google sponsored links to increase ROI and decrease the advertising cost (cost per click).

Tips to Improve Quality of Google Sponsored Links:

If you are a PPC advertiser and running excellent, high-quality campaigns, then Google will cost you comparatively less money. This is because Google rewards ethical and quality advertisers for their goodness by charging less. This will naturally improve your traffic, conversion rate and thus, ROI while decreasing cost of advertisement.

Before you set your sponsored links to be displayed in SERPs – Search Engine Results Pages, it is important that you indulge yourself into the bidding auction so that you can bid for the placement of your advertisements against your competitors. The more you involve yourself in bidding auction, the more chance you are given a better placement for your ads at a lower cost.

But, how will you actually improve your chances of better ad placement. The only answer is: improve your quality score. It is easy when said, but involves a lot of time, energy, patience and expertise. If you seriously want to run top quality PPC campaigns, make sure that you keep yourself updated with all industry trends and work accordingly. Being a busy business owner, it may not be easier for you to keep track of constantly changing industry. That’s why it is recommended to approach an agency to help improve the quality of your PPC campaigns as well as Google Sponsored Links.

Remember, quality score is affected by the following important factors:

  • Relevancy between your advertisement and search query.
  • Relevancy between your keywords and the associated ad group.
  • How impressive and relevant your landing page is in accordance with your advertisement?
  • Overall PPC account performance.

There are many free and paid tools available that help improve the quality score. Choice of keywords is another important factor that decides your quality score and lowers the advertising cost. In addition, the ad text matters a lot! Write multiple copies of your ad content, test all those and then choose the best one. You can use Google AdWords Editor to arrange keywords into relevant ad groups, which in turn hones your ad text and landing page.

Google AdWords is a highly complex algorithm and requires years of experience as well as expertise in all PPC matters to improve the quality of your Google sponsored links.


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